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SF's Best Sex Shops; Hello Kitty Comes to Town; Crimson Mim Sale

EVERYWHERE— Happy Valentine's Day! We've scoured the city to find you the best sexytime supply stores. Whether you're into leather or feathers, there's something for everyone.

UNION SQUARE—Hello Kitty is coming! Hello Kitty is coming! She'll be at SF's Uniqlo this weekend.

LOS ALTOS—Crimson Mim likes you so much that they're throwing a party and giving you 15% off tonight. The South Bay boutique is celebrating 8 years in business and a spankin' new interior.

EVERYWHERE—The local designers behind Mina + Olya showed their Fall 2013 collection in New York last week. The luxury, eco-conscious retailer has nailed it again with covetable and warm wool coats, capes, sweaters and more.

JACKSON SQUARE— Get to know Carole Harari, the Swiss proprietress who has created a lovely boutique and event space called La Boutique: L'Art et La Mode.

UNION SQUARE— The Union Square Uniqlo must be doing well, because the Japanes retailer says it will open a second store in San Francisco before venturing into Los Angeles or the midwest.

OAKLAND—We wrapped up Whale Week with a whale who is about to embark on a hunt for a real whale skeleton on a secret beach in the Caribbean. He's also a former Squaw Valley KT the Bear mascot, and was the voice behind the now-defunct but once-viral site What Woud Matthew McConaughey Do.