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Unmask Mystery Restaurants on the Market

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Telegraph and Durant Avenues in Berkeley. [Photo: Flickr/kid_pro_quo]

A 10-year-old eatery near the busy intersection of Telegraph and Durant Avenues in Berkeley has been listed for sale on Craigslist. And like many of the ads that show up on that site, the spot's identity has been withheld to protect the innocent—and the guilty. Places to eat right around there include Sun Hong Kong, Smart Alec's Intelligent Food, Top Dog, Blondie's Pizza (which has been there more than a decade), Cafe Durant, Steve's Bar-B-Que, and Naan 'N Curry. Could it be one of these spots?

Other restaurants on the chopping block this week include a traditional Japanese restaurant seating 70 in Japantown, with an owner who'd like to retire and leave the country; and a remodeled, yet shuttered, eatery in downtown Oakland. Are you shrewd with clues? Help identify these secret restaurants in the comments.

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