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Cassava Bakery Expands; Behind the Cart Is Back

The menu at a Cassava Friday-night dinner. [Photo: I am Jeffrey/Flickr]

OUTER RICHMOND—Good news for fans of the Japanese breakfasts at Cassava Bakery & Cafe: the year-old spot is already expanding into the former office space next door, with demolition happening as we speak. That means more seats for Kristoffer Toliao's always-booked Friday-night dinners, which should pair nicely with the new beer and wine license they're also working on. [Facebook via Tablehopper]

BERKELEY—File under "cutest thing we've seen today": Alice Waters just tweeted a picture of two youngsters holding a bake sale and lemonade stand (with Meyer lemons, natch) to raise money for Chez Panisse's fire recovery. You rock, adorable budding gourmands. [EaterWire]

BAYVIEWGrilled Cheese Guy Michael Davidson's Behind the Cart series is back at Old Skool Cafe, with the minds behind Frozen Kuhsterd, Doc's of the Bay, Grease Box, and Boffo Cart sharing bites and stories about what it's like to be a food-truck chef (including a Q&A session). Check out the menu here; tickets are $65 on Kitchit and benefit Old Skool's programs to find work for disadvantaged kids in the restaurant industry. [EaterWire]

THE INTERNET—Former Alembic bartender Rohini Moradi has introduced Simply Sweet, a new line of all-natural, sugar-free cocktail syrups made with stevia, in flavors like rose-petal, elderflower, and Meyer lemon. She's hoping to raise $10K to get her products made and on the market, and backers can get a bottle of plain simple syrup for $10 or a trio of rose, elderflower, and simple syrups for $25. Check it out here. [EaterWire]

TENDERLOIN—Also on the syrup beat: Chrissy's Waffles is now doing a regular Friday-night pop-up at Rye, with a weekly $5 special waffle from Chris Bottorff paired with a matching whiskey cocktail ($7-10) from bar manager Jen Ackrill. This Friday, Bottorff will be whipping up a bacon-donut waffle from 5:30-8:30; they sold out last week, so be sure to show up on the early side to snag one. [EaterWire]