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Kathy's California Chinese and More Must Go

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Kathy's California Chinese Cuisine. [Photo: Yelp]

Eater has gotten all Nancy Drew on this week's unnamed restaurants for sale on Craigslist. Stealth Googling of this ad's phone number reveals that Forest Hill restaurant Kathy's California Chinese Cuisine (408 Dewey), a 45-seat spot with a beer and wine license, is currently on the market. Not all of this week's listings are quite as easy to figure out, but it's sure fun to try.

Other places currently for sale somewhat quietly include a 10-year-old Haight restaurant with five years left on the lease, an "exceptional landmark" in Berkeley, and a Chinese spot in Oakland's Rockridge hood. Older ads that still need unmasking include a corner restaurant in SOMA and a festive North Beach banquet hall.

These places can be identified with your help, so please leave a comment if you've got any intel to share. No non-disclosure agreement is required.

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Kathy's California Chinese Cuisine

408 Dewey, San Francisco, CA