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Bliss Bar's Fire Was Accidental; Reopening Planned

The remains of Bliss Bar after the blaze. [Photo: Noe Valley SF]

The Fire Department determined last week that the blaze that consumed Noe Valley's Bliss Bar was accidental, but they're still unclear on who or what, exactly, was responsible, according to the SF Appeal. Bliss was consumed by flames in the February 4 blaze, with the fire starting in the afternoon and then reigniting in the early evening. No one was harmed, but the damage has been estimated at $150,000 for the building and an additional $75,000 for the property inside.

The bar's website now sports a note from owners Pierre and Katina Letheule, thanking the neighborhood for their support and saying that the "badly damaged" bar will rise again: "If all goes well, it is our intention to rebuild Bliss, but the repairs could take quite a while."

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Bliss Bar

4026 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 415 826 6200