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Noe Valley's Cheapest Real Estate; Stately Sea Cliff Abodes Sell; Curbed University Is Back in Session; More!

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—The home of late Frank and Frances Alioto has been put on the market. The 6-bed, 7-bath Pacific Heights manse can be yours for $16.5M. The home's a European-style residence with views of Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

NOE VALLEY—Looking to buy in Noe Valley? We've got a map of the ten least expensive properties for sale. The list includes an apartment for under $500K and even a single-family home for under $1M, a real rarity around those parts.

THE MISSION—Back in 1966, the Planning Commission had architects Okamoto/Liskamm come up with an urban design study for the Mission District, and boy did they come up with a doozy. Think elevated walkways, sunken transit plazas, and a near complete destruction of the retail area.

BERNAL HEIGHTS—A somewhat newly constructed contemporary abode in Bernal Heights just hit the market asking $1.695M. That makes it the most expensive home for sale in the neighborhood.

SAN FRANCISCOCurbed University is back in session! Our insider guide to buying, selling, and renting in San Francisco starts back up this week and continues on through May. We've already published a post on how much home you can afford.

CIVIC CENTER—The battle between the California Pacific Medical Center, Board of Supervisors, union and environmental groups may soon be over. A compromise has been reached after almost a year of drama.

SEACLIFFThe top three residential properties sales in the past week belong to a 5-bed home that sold for $3.75M, a 4-bed home that sold for $3.89M, and a 6-bed home that sold for $7.998M.

NOB HILL—After many years of delays, Live Nation and Nob Hill neighborhood groups have come to an agreement over use of the Masonic Auditorium.