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Allegro Romano May Be Sold, Jade Cafe Up For Grabs, MORE

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[Photo: Yelp/Susan D.]

An Eater tipster hears that Allegro Romano, the Russian Hill Italian restaurant known for drawing celebrities to awkwardly pose outside and serving "Willie Brown's Favorite" pasta (bacon-loaded rigatoni all'Amatriciana, in case you are curious), may potentially be on the market. There are neighborhood concerns that the parent company, Groupo Ristorante Italiano, may petition the ABC to extend wine service until 10:30, in the hopes of wooing potential buyers. Allegro Romano may not be overtly for sale (yet), just like some of this week's "blind item" eateries that are up on the chopping block.

Places with hidden identities up for sale on Craigslist this week include a sushi joint and a large Lao restaurant in the East Bay, an Inner Sunset cafe, and a rare "Asian restaurant" in Daly City. One place that is openly for sale on Craigslist: Jade Cafe (123 Bryant), a Chinese restaurant with two locations in San Francisco.

Have any intel about Allegro Romano or a guess as to what any of these other restaurants might be? Sally forth to the comments, if you please.

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Allegro Romano

1701 Jones St., San Francisco, CA