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Outerlands Accepting Reservations, Starting April 23

A trip to the Outerlands website today greeted us with a surprise: there's a new "reserve" button in the top navigation, and the famously reservation-free spot says they'll begin accepting requests for tables there on April 23, for up to 30 days out. As manager Laura Michetti told us in our Gatekeepers piece on the restaurant, the lines can get pretty insane, especially for brunch, so this is a pretty big shift. It may have something to do with their upcoming expansion to the space next door; we've reached out to them to find out more, and will update when we hear back.

In the meantime, tables will continue to be reserved for walk-ins in the main restaurant, and all of the heated patio seats will remain for walk-ins only. And Michael Bauer can turn all of his attention to complaining about Ramen Shop's lines now.

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