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South Sea Seafood Village Closed, New Location Sought

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South Sea Seafood Village. [Photo: Tamara Palmer]

The beautiful exterior of South Sea Seafood Village is now missing an "E," littered with graffiti, and bearing a "for sale" sign. One of the Sunset's most prominent banquet-style Chinese restaurants, South Sea quietly closed its flagship location in January after 12 years in business. The interior space is large and beautiful, but there will be a lot of work ahead for any business that isn't a Chinese restaurant to alter the front.

There's good news for diners who miss the freshly-killed crustaceans (always brought to your table alive in a bucket first) and formal tea service that are the hallmarks of South Sea. Though it's gone from the Sunset, the restaurant has aspirations to set up shop elsewhere in San Francisco.

A manager at South Sea's still-open Millbrae location says that the restaurant is currently scouting a new location in San Francisco, and seeking something with good parking options in Mission Bay or near the ballpark. Parking was apparently an issue at the Sunset location, even though it was positioned in between the bustle of Irving at Ninth and Nineteenth Avenues. If this neighborhood goal is met, South Sea has a reasonable shot at filling a current dim sum void in the area.

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South Sea Seafood Village

1420 Irving St., San Francisco, CA