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Picoso and Other Places May Be in Danger

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Picoso Taqueria. [Photo: Yelp/Ziyan C.]

Time to play a bit of a blind-item game. An ad on Craigslist announces a Gourmet Ghetto eatery for sale, with a preference for the new owner to be versed in Mexican and/or Latin cooking. A betting person might venture that this means that Picoso Taqueria (1511 Shattuck) could be up for sale. Whatever the identity, it's not the only well-located restaurant up on the board this week.

Other intriguing ads for restaurants that are unidentified include a "popular turnkey restaurant" sitting on a corner space in Downtown Oakland that has been approved for sidewalk seating and has a beer and wine license, a Lower Haight joint that's been open since 1995, and a full bar and restaurant in a "prime" Daly City location.

Does one of these mystery spots ring a bell? Educated guesses and better are encouraged in the comments.

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Picoso Taqueria

1511 Shattuck, Berkeley, CA