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Super Duper Burgers, By the Numbers

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The ultra-modern Super Duper in Mill Valley. [Photo: TripAdvisor]

Sourcing enough meat, veggies, buns, and dairy for an ultra-busy five-location burger chain is hard enough. But when you add a commitment to sustainable sourcing, organic farming, and responsible waste management on top, it becomes a real challenge. SF-based Super Duper Burgers, owned by Beretta/Starbelly/Delarosa impresario Adriano Paganini, gave us the intel on what it takes to keep them running every week.

·Number of burgers sold per day at all five stores, on average: 2,500

·Pounds of meat used per week: 6,300

·Meat supplier: Niman Ranch

·Dairy supplier (soft serve, shakes): Straus Creamery (Petaluma, CA)

·Most popular milkshake: Chocolate, followed by vanilla and Oreo cookies-and-cream

·Number of soft-serve cones sold per week: 2,100

·Number of beers sold per week: 1,500

·Pounds of (free) pickles given out per week: 1,800

·Amount of Super Sauce used per week: 210 liters

·Pounds of CO2 that the Mill Valley location has offset by using solar energy panels: 9,472 (the equivalent of 4.5 mature trees)

·Number of Super Duper locations that compost and recycle: all

If all this info has you craving a burger, don't forget to check out the special Eater Burger Week combo at all five Super Duper locations this week. $1 from each purchase will go to Project Open Hand.