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Local: Mission's Pork Chop; East Bay Staff Meals

The dining room at Local: Mission Eatery. [Photo: Local: Mission Eatery]

THE MISSION—After two years of crisp goodness, Local: Mission Eatery has brought their much-loved Friday fried chicken special to a close. In its place, however, has arisen a new tradition: pork chop Friday, served family-style. For $120 for a group of 4-6 or $240 for a group of 8-12, the restaurant will serve up a lunchtime spread with a whole pork chop rack, smoked potatoes with green garlic, grilled asparagus, white bean and kale salad, and housemade hot sauce. Call them to pre-order, and they'll reserve a table for your group to pig out. [EaterWire]

EAST BAY—If you've ever wondered what your favorite Oakland and Berkeley restaurants serve for family meal, the East Bay Express has the answers. Delicious-sounding fare ranges from peanut mole at Cosecha Cafe to Korean farro fried rice at Pizzaiolo to black rice with Dungeness crab salad and swordfish at Duende. And if you can rustle up your own tobanjan sauce at home, there's even a recipe for Ippuku's take on ma po tofu. [EBX]

HAYES VALLEYMichelle Polzine's upcoming 20th Century Cafe has sustained a few of the usual permitting setbacks, and its originally planned March opening is now looking a bit more like May or June. As Polzine told Grub Street, "I have a new motto brought to me by an incredible young woman, Adrian Boyes. 'Well, plan A did not work. Luckily for me, I've got the whole alphabet!'" [Grub Street]

DOGPATCH—As a prelude to Saturday's Whiskies of the World festival, Poquito is stepping outside of its Latin wheelhouse to host a special Irish whiskey happy hour this Friday from 6-8:30, featuring Tyrconnell, Connemara, Kilbeggan, and Greenore. A rep will be on hand to discuss the brands and give tastes, and the bar will be offering discounted whiskey flights. [EaterWire]

20th Century Cafe

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