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What's Up Boss, Not Headed to Chestnut

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Sports fans cheering on a game at Bullitt. [Photo: Sean C./Yelp]

The pranksters behind Reclaimed Wood + Subway Tiles and Distilled Moustache have returned, and their latest creation is clearly targeted at a certain eight-bar empire-building duo:

I just wanted to give you a heads up on our new bar project in the works, hopefully opening soon on Chestnut Street! Our bar's name is: "WHAT'S UP BOSS?" We are going to have some super sick drinks on tap, including Fireball, Jager, Jack, Fernet, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, and a Pinot Grigio. Our decor will be as generic and uninteresting as possible, thus honoring the character of the neighborhood. Our bar manager has an extensive resume, having managed many keg and toga parties back at his days in USC.

We are also currently hiring doormen, bartenders and servers. Prerequisites include: popped collar polo shirt, boat shoes or flip-flops, rolled up dockers, wayfarers, and lots of gel. No experience required. Doormen must greet guests with our namesake or other professional greeting: "What's up Boss...ID?" or "Sup Bruh...ID?" Bartenders must have the ability to get super hammered on shift, whilst being able to multi-task, i.e., hitting on patrons while taking shots of Patron and ignoring guests that actually buy drinks. Waitresses must wear a Lululemon outfit with brightly colored Nikes - no exceptions. Here is a sample of our cutting-edge food and drink menu: Jager/Red Bull, Jack and Pepsi, Jell-O Shots, Nacho Fountain, Tater Tot Tacos, and our specialty drink....."The D-bag" : Vodka/Red Bull

WHAT'S UP BOSS? Management

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