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Satellite Republic Calling It Quits

Sad news for fans of Satellite Republic, the Georgian/Russian pop-up from former Meadowood pastry chef Boris Portnoy: it's going under at the end of the month, as Portnoy's planning a move to Melbourne, Australia. "My partner is taking a job in Melbourne to be a director of an art history program, and I have family there that I'd love live closer to," he said in an e-mail.

Before Portnoy departs, however, he's throwing one last Satellite Republic bash tomorrow and Friday at The Punchdown in Oakland, where he's held other dinners in the past. This time, in addition to the $50 tasting menu he regularly offers, he'll have dishes available a la carte at the bar and on the outdoor patio, and Georgian singers and dancers from the Khaketi region will perform for diners. Reservations are available here.

As for the fate of Portnoy's signature moped tandoor grill? "I might be selling it," he tells us, adding a frowny face. A man and his cooking bike are not easily parted.

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The Punchdown

2212 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612