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Bobo's Lounge On Its Way; 4 AM Last Call Defeated

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[Photo: Douglas Zimmerman]

MARINA—Since his breakup with partners Jerry Dal Bozo and Dante Serafino last year, Bobo's chef-owner Adriano Froncillo is making an effort to expand the restaurant's reach. He recently acquired the defunct Amigo Cantina next door, which he's transforming into Bobo's Lounge, a 50-seat bar with a full liquor license and a menu of small plates like fish and chips and fried-chicken sandwiches. The Bobo's clown theme will carry over into the new space, and he's targeting July for an opening. [SF Mag, Inside Scoop]

CALIFORNIA—Sad news for advocates of a 4 a.m. last call; State Senator Mark Leno's bill was voted down in committee yesterday, despite flexibility for towns to opt in or out and provide limited numbers of licenses, and evidence showing that other cities with later last calls don't have higher instances of alcohol-related crime or drunk driving. The next stop will likely be a ballot measure in 2016. [ABC7]

BERKELEY—Stalwart East Bay vegetarian spot Vegi Food expressed worries to Berkeleyside last year that they'd be bounced from their prime Gourmet Ghetto space, and it appears that's come to pass; they posted on Facebook that they're closing on May 25, and the EBX picked up the tip. As of yet, there are no plans to relocate. [EBX, Berkeleyside]

SEATTLE—In the wake of Glaze Teriyaki Grill's opening today, many readers have expressed befuddlement as to what, exactly, "Seattle-style" teriyaki is. Luckily, before he came down to the Bay Area, current Tasting Table SF editor Jonathan Kauffman wrote a long article on precisely that, which he shared over Twitter for our edification. Learn and grow, dear readers. [Seattle Weekly via @jonkauffman]

Bobo's Lounge

1434 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA