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Da' Pitt Evicted From Divis

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Anti-Divis-gentrification folks aren't going to be happy about this one: longtime old-school BBQ spot Da' Pitt was evicted by its landlords on Wednesday after failing to pay rent. Previously known as Brother-in-Law's, Da' Pitt was sued by landlords Rosemarie and Joseph Rodriguez back in March, with allegations that its owners had failed to pay their $4,600/month rent or only paid it in partial amounts, and had also not paid their water and garbage bills or secured a valid permit. After receiving no response from Da' Pitt's owners, the Superior Court began eviction proceedings, and they went through last week.

There's no word yet on who will take over the space, or whether the Rodriguezes will recover the $41,100 in back rent (not to mention court fees) they're owed. In the meantime, we're guessing that many residents are going to be broken up over the loss of the iconic spot, and the perfume of BBQ smoke with which it scented the corridor.

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Da' Pitt

705 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA