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Cedar Hill Seeks New Space, May Shutter [UPDATE]

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The pair of Rib Whip trucks struggling to reload on busy Scott Street. [Photo: Emily Lai]

After eighteen months serving up BBQ to the Marina crowd, Cedar Hill is now up for sale, and planning to shutter as soon as they can find a new space. They're planning to reopen as a restaurant, but also need room to devote to their duo of Rib Whip food trucks. Owner Emily Lai explains: "We're outgrowing the capacity of the small kitchen here in this space with our growing food trucks and catering business," she says. "After acquiring the food trucks, we realized that being situated here in this busy residential area is posing some challenges." As you can see in the photo above (sent along by Lai), loading up two food trucks in the middle of the Marina is no easy task, and we're sure the parking obstacle course it creates isn't thrilling the neighbors, either.

If you're a real-estate type looking to help Cedar Hill and the Rib Whip find their forever home, Lai says she's looking for a space in SOMA, the Peninsula, or South San Francisco. "We just want a spot where we can run a commissary kitchen and have easy loading and unloading for our food trucks...If the offer is right, we are open to leaving our old space before securing a new location." Once they're settled in to their new location, Lai says that she's hoping to add a third Rib Whip truck to the squadron: "At this current space, we can't expand anymore. But we would like to add more trucks to the existing line if we found the right spot!" We'll keep you posted on Cedar Hill's official closing date.

Update, 3:27 pm: Owner Jon Rietz wants to reassure current customers that Cedar Hill won't close until they have a line on a new space. "If we don't find anyone to take over Scott Street, we are planning on staying put."

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Cedar Hill

3242 Scott St., San Francisco, CA