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Rio Grande to Close Monday

The bar at the Rio Grande. [Photo: Thrillist]

They weren't kidding about that "temporary offering" thing: less than a year after it first opened, the Bon Vivants' Market Street bar, Rio Grande, will meet its end. Though the bar was always planned to be temporary and got pretty much zero foot traffic, it's acquired something of a cult following, particularly among folks in the industry. The rumor is that owners the Kor Group are finally going to start construction on the Renoir Hotel, where the bar is housed, and gave the tenants their notice. There's no word yet on how this will affect the other two Temporary Offering tenants, FoodLab (which has been closed since January) and Trailhead (which features a coffee bar from Farm:Table).

If you're looking to say goodbye, spiritual guide/underground flair bartender Russell Davis will do a couple of last shifts tonight and Friday, and after closing for Sunday, they'll have a blowout goodbye party on Monday with plenty of tequila and Big Buck Hunter. And of course, there's always Trick Dog, though after that three-star Bauer review, we're guessing that's going to be a much more crowded proposition than the breathe-easy atmosphere of the Rio.

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Rio Grande

1108 Market Street, San Francisco, CA