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Bauer not a fan of pizza, and Kronnerburger impresses

Kronnerburger. [Photo: Thrillist]

Lil Bauer Wow checked in with a follow-up review of Adesso in Oakland this week and he, despite being sort of in love with the place the last time around, is very, very unhappy that they added pizza (?). "The change, at least in my mind, has diluted the allure of the place." He still loves the salumi (even though there is far less of it now) and the cocktails, but the underwhelming pizza with crust he compares to cardboard, left him with a basically uneven visit. [Chron]

The indubitably indubitable Anna Roth got her Kronnerburger on this week and she was kinda, sorta, a little bit impressed, calling it a "must-stop on the Top Burgers of San Francisco tour". She gets dribbles of beef juice on her hand, has a ton of great meat double entendres, and even goes as far as to say the Kronnerburger is more satisfying than a Double Double. [SFWeekly]

Jesse "I'm out of cool nicknames" Hirsch got sorta weird this week by trying dining in the dark at Opaque. The takeaways: "The interior is completely, 100 percent, no-kidding, I-swear-I'm-not-scared black," and "Nothing was lousy, nor was it spectacular." [The Examiner]

Jonathan Kauffman digs into Hard Water this week, and generally also digs it: he lauds the whiskey selection, like the eyedropper of water that comes with your tulip-shaped sipper, and "chef de cuisine Melissa Perfit's baked oysters ($22 for 6) merit multiple exclamation marks." There are a couple food misses, but for the most part, it's all hugs and handpounds. [Tasting Table]

Luke Tsai checks out Uptown's new Loring Cafe this week and following a damning subtitle "the food feels like an expensive afterthought," things don't get much better. They go from "slightly tacky" to "weird and overpriced" to "not much of it any good." [EBX]

Hard Water

Pier 3, San Francisco, CA 94105 415-392-3021


4395 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA