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Whoa, Check Out These Ice Cubes at Southpaw

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Image via Grant Marek
Image via Grant Marek

As if Southpaw BBQ's amazing-sounding-whiskey-club-where-you-get-a-free-bottle-of-booze-if-you-try-40-of-their-brown-liquors wasn't reason enough to head to the Mission's left-handed-person-loving BBQ joint, co-owners Elizabeth Wells and Edward Calhoun have another for you: totally cool ice cubes.

According to Wells, they've been playing around with creative made-in-house cubes, including in the above-pictured Old Fashioned, which utilizes a trio filled with orange bitters. It's sort of in a pilot program right now (Wells says they're trying out new things every night), but expect these things to potentially pop up on the menu very soon, along with maybe even... boozy lollipops?

"It's something we're playing with," Wells said.

In the meantime, ask really, really nicely at the bar and they might toss one of these guys in your drink.

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