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Palmer's Tavern, From Leopold's Crew, Almost Ready

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Well, that was fast: only four months after the initial announcement that they'd acquired the Long Bar space at Fillmore and Clay, the Leopold's team of Klaus and Albert Rainer have a name and a nearly complete renovation. The rechristened space will be known as Palmer's Tavern, a tribute to a family friend who was a saloonkeeper. It's something of an exercise in recapturing a history for the space that never was, with dark wood paneling, old photographs, taxidermy on the walls, and tufted leather booths. The central mahogany bar, now refinished, will remain a focal point; click through to Inside Scoop for the full set of photos.

Though the Rainers have yet to announce a chef, they say the menu will be "unfussy and honest" tavern fare, and the bar will feature classic cocktails, a strong craft-beer component, and a wine list centered around reasonably priced offerings. It's an unquestionably manly enterprise, all told, and all it needs now is a few final permits to open its doors, which should be along momentarily. We'll update you on the official opening date, chef, and menu as they come over the transom.

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2400 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 415 474 2000

Palmer's Tavern

2298 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA