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Bernal Cutlery Taking Old Pot + Pantry Space

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Josh Donald working the sharpener at 331 Cortland. [Photo: Kirsten Hanley/Bi-Rite Market]

Fans who are already missing the late Pot + Pantry will be pleased to learn there's a silver lining in store: the loss of the cookware shop has opened a door for a slightly different type of cookware purveyor, Bernal Cutlery, to move in. Owners Josh and Kelly Donald have been operating out of the 331 Cortland incubator marketplace for the past three years, and while they're ready to expand to a bigger spot, they told Bernalwood they're planning on keeping the Bernal name: "Bernal Heights has been the neighborhood that has been home to our growing family and growing business for the last 10 years, and we are immensely grateful to have had the support and encouragement of the neighborhood."

For those unfamiliar with the shop, Josh Donald and his team of two sushi chefs offer Japanese-style whetstone sharpening for every conceivable type of knife, and sell new, collectible, and vintage knives. They also offer classes in sharpening, as well as classes in breaking down fish and chopping vegetables for adults and in safe knife use for kids. They plan to open on Guerrero next month; no word yet on who'll replace them at 331.

· Bernal Cutlery to Move from Bernal Heights [Bernalwood]

Bernal Cutlery

593 Guerrero St., San Francisco, CA