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Food Snob Listicles; Bourbon & Beef to Rockridge

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Ferry Plaza, snobby foodie heaven. [Photo: vipnyc/Flickr]

SAN FRANCISCO—Grub Street rounded up a Buzzfeed-esque listicle of the 27 signs that you might be a Bay Area food snob, including being over pork belly and chardonnay and hitting up Zuni and the farmers' market on a regular basis. [Grub Street]

ROCKRIDGE—The former Water Lounge space is going to become a restaurant called Bourbon & Beef, from an established Bay Area restaurant group that's insisting on staying anonymous. The name suggests clubby steakhouse territory, but weirdly, it'll actually be a family-style Latin restaurant, although with a big wine and spirits list. They're targeting late summer/early fall. [Diablo Dish]

OAKLANDChop Bar is doing its first pig roast of the season this year on Saturday, which will be on-site at Linden Street Brewery. Tickets for pigging out are $20, and they'll be selling Linden brews for $4, and Fernet-Branca shots or Pastena wine for $5. Brass Mafia will play. More info here. [Facebook via EBX]

OAKLANDSweet Bar Bakery is holding a pop-up dinner series beginning tomorrow, with Baia Pasta's Renato Sardo in the kitchen making mac and cheese and salad to pair with owner Mani Niall's strawberry "crumbletart." It's just $15 to dine, and Belcampo sausage, wine, and beer will be sold a la carte to complete the meal. More info here. [Zagat]