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Forbes Island Back in Action on Friday

Good news over at Forbes Island: this Friday, exactly one week after a fire in the floating restaurant's private Sea Lion Room caused enough damage to force them to close, they're reopening their doors. Erick Hendricks, one of the restaurant's partners, told Inside Scoop that they could actually open today or tomorrow, but they chose Friday to play it safe.

The blaze and the subsequent water damage left the restaurant and kitchen untouched, so the quick return was expected. They actually could have reopened even earlier if they had a freezer on the converted houseboat, but without one, all the food had to be tossed after the fire, and it took a few days to get deliveries back on track. No word on what they're planning to do long-term to repair the damaged room, which will require an expensive replacement of part of the boat.

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Forbes Island

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