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Grub Street Shuts Down SF Branch

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It's a crappy day for the local food-blog community, as Grub Street has announced that all of their local blogs, including the San Francisco edition edited by Jay Barmann, are going dark as of today. Jay has done lots of great reporting on the food scene during his time running Grub Street, and will be very much missed there, though we're sure he'll pop up in other venues soon.

The central Grub Street edition, New York, will still operate, and will be focused on covering "food and drink stories of national interest...You can expect the same devotion to breaking food and restaurant news, in-depth features, large-scale national roundups of the food you need to be eating, plus profiles of food-world movers and shakers, expanded product and cookbook coverage, and plenty more." They're also promising a site redesign tomorrow morning.

· A Grub Street Announcement [Grub Street]