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Watch Traci des Jardins Make a Space Burrito

Commander Chris Hadfield, whose hijinks aboard the International Space Station have made him something of an Internet phenomenon, may have returned to Earth last week, but he didn't come back without doing a little something for the SF-based Mythbusters team of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman and their project. The duo enlisted local chef Traci des Jardins to spice up Hadfield's space burrito, keeping in mind the limitations of his freeze-dried pantry (and the difficulty of manipulating ingredients in zero gravity).

After torturing Hadfield, who hasn't had fresh fruit or vegetables in months, Savage and Hyneman took des Jardins and David Chang to NASA to sample the reheatable space fare, then put des Jardins to work in the kitchen. Watch the video to see what Hadfield thought of her attempt at doctoring up his dinner.

· Chris Hadfield and Traci des Jardins Make a Space Burrito [Tested]

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