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Drip'd, An Inner Sunset Coffee Bar

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Drip'd Coffee
1352a 9th Ave., Inner Sunset
Phone: (415) 685-5124
Status: Opening today

The Inner Sunset has a cool new coffee bar, Drip'd, which opens in the shared Green11 space today. Founded by Chris Morell and Tae Kim, who became friends while working in the video-game industry 8 years ago, it's a labor of love. "My wife and I lived in Hayes Valley for years, so we had a front-row seat to the explosion of the Blue Bottle kiosk," says Morell. "For me, Blue Bottle's espresso was that epiphany moment where I knew I had to learn how to craft a similar experience at home. After a few years of practice and research, the idea of opening a small shop started to dance around in my head." The duo launched a Kickstarter, and now their shop is a reality.

The small shop features Sightglass beans, available in V60 pour-overs for drip coffee or espresso pulled on a vintage three-group La Marzocco GS/2 that Morell and Kim rebuilt and customized. Seasonal offerings will also be brewed via Aeropress. The plan is to eventually serve pastries, though a vendor hasn't been locked down yet, and they'll also have a retail component, with coffee prep tools and other useful items.

Perhaps the most useful feature of Drip'd for coffee geeks will be the shop's classes, where Morell will demonstrate the principles of making the perfect home espresso, doing great pour-over coffee, and even roasting beans at home. "Unlike a lot of coffee classes out there, we're keeping the focus on the home user and not on training people to be pros or work in the coffee industry," says Morell. "We'll offer equipment suggestions and tips that people can easily implement at home to exponentially increase their morning cups." The first class, on home espresso making, is June 1; tickets are here.

The space is currently standing-only at the bar, but there's more room in the back of the shop for seating, as well as an outdoor patio. Morell says he'll try to create seating in both spaces next year. In the beginning, hours will be weekends only, Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-2pm, and Sundays from 9am-3pm. Then, in about a month or so, they'll expand to six days a week, closing Mondays.

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Drip'd Coffee

1352a 9th Ave., San Francisco, CA

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