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Stacks Loses Outdoor Tables to Sidewalk Complaint

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Stacks, no longer be-tabled. [Photo: pandaheartmemories/Flickr]

In a really unpleasant example of government at work, popular Hayes Valley breakfast spot Stacks has had to forfeit all 12 of its outdoor tables, thanks to a woman who tripped on the sidewalk outside. The woman, who lives in Oakland, sued the city after tripping on an uneven sidewalk dislodged by a tree root at Hayes and Octavia, according to Hayeswire. The city then passed the buck to Stacks, whose outdoor seating permit was called into question. They now have to resubmit permit requests and drawings, and the city is requiring the tables be removed until the permit is approved.

The lost tables have drawn plenty of complaints from customers, as their disappearance has added to the already long wait times for weekend brunch. They've already waited six weeks for their reapproval from the city, and no resolution is currently on the horizon.

· Stacks, Spills, and Red Tape [Hayeswire]


501 Hayes St., San Francisco, CA

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