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Pizzaiolo's TV Closeup; Rooftop Bar to Mid-Market

Pizzaiolo, where Staten Islanders are amazed by nettles. [Photo: dhnoho/Menuism]

TEMESCALThe first episode of the new Cooking Channel series Pizza Cuz features a visit with Charlie Hallowell of Pizzaiolo, who spent the morning at the farmers' market with NYC-based co-hosts/cousins and Artichoke Basille impresarios Francis Garcia and Sal Basille. They were amazed by our strange way of life, particularly chefs doing their own shopping (apparently a no-go in NYC) and putting nettles on pizza (they'd never even heard of them before). The show airs tonight at 6 and 10 pm; Berkeley's Cheese Board will also appear in two weeks. [EBX]

TENDERLOIN—Now that the A Temporary Offering trio of Rio Grande, FoodLab, and Trailhead has come to a close, the Kor Group is getting serious about remodeling the Renoir Hotel at 7th and Market, with famed designer Kelly Wearstler leading the efforts. The SF Business Times got the first peek at the plans, and found that they include a massive 4,500-square-foot bar with 360-degree rooftop views. There's no word on who's behind the program, but it could end up being repeat business for the Bon Vivants, perhaps? Considering Wearstler barely eats, much less consumes alcohol, let's hope she's not picking. [SF Business Times via Curbed]

MYSTERY LOCALEUrbanDaddy brings word of a very unusual new supper club, Our Gourmet Life, which apparently has an erotic/kink element in addition to dinner. They claim that they were massaged by the servers, while the couple next to them ended up covered in whipped cream, but beyond that, the Fifth Amendment is invoked. The dinners run $100, plus $60 for wine pairings, and come in "beginner" and "intermediate" versions; if anyone with the finances and the sex-positive mentality needed ends up going, we'd love to hear about it. [UrbanDaddy]

ROCKRIDGE—It's not too late to head to Oakland for Oliveto's annual bird dinners; chef Jonah Rhodehamel has some really interesting offerings on the menu as usual, including hen and lobster boudin blanc, duck cappelletti, roasted sausage-stuffed guinea hen, poached pheasant, and every other kind of avian delight that isn't illegal (though there is some duck liver to sub in for the missing foie gras). All the dishes are sold a la carte, and the event will run through from tomorrow through Friday. More info here. [EaterWire]


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