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Food Truck Legislation Moves Closer to Passage

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The Melt's buses could be affected by the new laws. [Photo: Allison M./Yelp]

Inside Scoop dropped in on last night's meeting of the Board of Supervisors' Land Use Committee, which was dedicated to weighing the pros and cons of the food truck legislation that Supervisor Scott Weiner has been attempting to get passed. Interestingly, both sides supported the legislation, deeming it a compromise: Rob Black of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association called the legislation "a mixed bag [but] a great improvement over existing regulations...You don't want to compromise your principles, but you want to have a principled compromise." Matt Cohen, founder of Off the Grid, also spoke in favor of the new regulations, expressing hope that it would streamline the permitting process for new trucks.

As previously mentioned, the new legislation will call for a 75-foot buffer zone for food trucks around existing brick-and-mortar restaurants. (While the bill doesn't currently allow restaurants to waive that restriction, Weiner says he's considering adding that provision.) It'll also allow the DPT to issue parking tickets to food trucks (something we're surprised they haven't managed to do already), apply the formula retail law to trucks with more than 11 total locations (meaning Burger King is out and The Melt and Curry Up Now could run into some trouble), and require special permits to serve after 8 pm.

There is one bright side of the legislation for food trucks: their restrictions around middle and high schools will be reduced from 1,000 to 500 feet, allowing them to park in more locations. Unfortunately, the Mission won't feel a lot of benefit from that, as Weiner wants to keep the 1,000-foot radius for Mission and John O'Connell High. (Galileo High in the Marina would also be affected.)

As no major complaints were expressed, the legislation will likely go before the Board of Supervisors at next Tuesday's meeting. We'll let you know if it passes and when it will take effect.

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