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Mexican Pop-Up Loqui Snags Tartine's Spare Space

The empty space situated between Tartine Bakery and Pizzeria Delfina and owned by the former is usually closed off to the public. These days, however, it's seeing some life as the new home of Loqui, a Mexican pop-up from Tartine baker Cameron Wallace and his GM and partner, Mexico City native Ari Ampudia. The duo are using the space to serve antojitos, Mexican street food, including mesquite-grilled carne asada tacos on handmade tortillas and pelonas, torta-like buns stuffed with birria.

The space is small, so the antojitos are served standing up, in the traditional style. (The restaurant has a list of rules that insist their food should never be served by a waiter or on non-disposable plates. They also ban chips and salsa.) At the moment, Loqui is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 7:30 until midnight, but be forewarned: they sold out by 9:15 pm last week. Follow them on Twitter to see what they're serving and when they'll be open.

· Loqui [Official website]


3609 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110