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25 New Restaurants and Bars Named to Legacy List

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Mitchell's Ice Cream, one of the honorees. [Photo: danrochman/Flickr]

San Francisco Architectural Heritage has released another 25-member round of Legacy Bars and Restaurants, which it's recognizing for distinguishing San Francisco and being a part of its gastronomic history. Restaurants on the list must be at least 40 years old and feature distinctive architecture or interior design as well.

The list includes five spots that were voted on by residents via social media: Gino & Carlo, Mitchell's Ice Cream, Philosopher's Club, Pier 23 Café, and Tommy's Mexican Restaurant. The project was started earlier this year in response to the threatened closure of Tosca Cafe and the Tonga Room and the closure and move of the Gold Dust Lounge. There are more than 130 spots still in consideration, and another round will likely be released soon. A map of all spots inducted is viewable here.

The 25 new spots named to the list:

Alioto's Restaurant
Anchor Steam Brewery
Aub Zam Zam
Beep's Burgers
Benkyodo Company
Empress of China
Gino & Carlo
Gold Dust Lounge
Little Shamrock
Mitchell's Ice Cream
Philosopher's Club
Pier 23 Café
Red's Java House
Sam's Grill
Sam Wo
Schroeder's Restaurant
Terry's Lodge
Thanh Long Restaurant
The End Up
The Homestead
The Saloon
Tommaso's Italian Restaurant
Tommy's Joynt
Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

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