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Adam Tortosa's got kind of mouth on him! The chef at the upcoming Acquerello spinoff 1760 just sat down with 7x7 for a candid and funny interview in which he drops a few f-bombs while discussing his favorite Bay Area restaurants ("Meadowood's really fucking sick."), his go-to meal ("All I eat now is Sapporo Ramen."), and the best eating city in the world, which he says is Tokyo, hands down. "[One restaurant] only does eel. The best fucking eel you've ever had. And [another] restaurant? Ramen... but it's the best fucking ramen you've ever had? Their culture is take one thing, learn the fuck out of it, make it the best you can. That produces amazing food." [7x7]


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Polk Street, , CA 94109 (415) 567-5432 Visit Website