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Brotzeit Lokal, Oakland's Newest Beer Garden on the Estuary

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Photo via Facebook

The beer-loving East Bay gets yet another venue for the hoisting of steins starting today with the debut of Brotzeit Lokal, a new Bavarian beer garden and restaurant on the Oakland Estuary. As we noted last month, it's a project from Chop Bar chef Lev Delany, and features a menu of hearty fare, including sausages, mussels, a burger, and big meat platter options for hungry groups. There are 16 beers on tap, with a focus on Germans, and some Belgians and California craft beers thrown in.

The nicest feature of the place, though is the big outdoor patio facing the boat slips in the estuary, which could make for a nice escape from S.F. on those chilly summer days when Oakland's extra five degrees feel huge.

There's also a cool custom light fixture made out of beer bottles, and a bunch of authentic 1950s biergarten tables inside, as Urban Daddy notes.

So, the Great East Bay Beer Boom of 2013 continues unabated. With the opening of Moxy Beer Garden in Berkeley the upcoming Hog's Apothecary, The Rare Barrel, and the Sierra Nevada Tap Room, you can do some serious beer-bar-crawling over there.

[Photos via Facebook]

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