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Bauer Calls Coqueta a 'Triumph'

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Chef de cuisine Ryan McIlwraith (left) and Michael Chiarello.
Chef de cuisine Ryan McIlwraith (left) and Michael Chiarello.
Photo: Patricia Chang

The Great Bauer has spoken regarding Michael Chiarello's first San Francisco restaurant, the two-month-old Coqueta on Pier 5, and he's in love. He calls the Spanish pinxtos "dazzling" and the paella "great," and says, "I can't think of a small plate that I didn't like." Furthermore it's a "richly layered restaurant with a view ? but it's not a view restaurant." The service, also, is "buttoned down" and the servers "well trained." He gives the place a whopping three and a half stars for food, and three and a half overall, so yes, reservations are going to continue to be tough to get.

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