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'World's Largest Pop-Up Bar' Headed for Pier 27

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Opening July 4 will be a huge, 12,000-square-foot bar on Pier 27 from local bar vets Eric Rubin (Hog & Rocks, Tres Agaves), Scott Beattie (Cyrus, Hi Lo), and partner Karl Hasz. As the Inside Scoop reports, there will actually be three bars, and a 500-person capacity, and Rubin hopes it will "the place to watch the races." The project joins the previously announced pop-up restaurant, Waiheke Island Yacht Club, coming to Pier 29 from New Zealand restaurateur Tony Stewart.

The races, and the lifespan of the bar, run through September, and the America's Cup Sports Bar will be open daily starting next month from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and until 11 p.m. on weekends. This will also likely be the place to grab a drink before the various concerts happening in the America's Cup Village, including the Steve Miller Band on June 21st, and the Jonas Brothers on August 13th.

· America's Cup Sports Bar en route, calling itself the world's largest pop-up bar [Inside Scoop]

Waiheke Island Yacht Club

Pier 29, San Francisco, CA (415) 956-1048 Visit Website

America's Cup Sports Bar

Pier 27, San Francisco, CA