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AT&T Park Workers Strike; Bring Your Own Food!

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Disgruntled concession workers at AT&T Park have been building toward a protest since February, when they were seen distributing this flyer at Giants Fan Fest. Tonight they're asking all ballgame-goers either not to cross the picket line or to bring their own food and boycott the concessions in recognition of their one-day strike for higher wages.

At issue is the fact that the Giants and the Park have raked in millions during the team's two recent World Series-winning seasons, with ticket prices and attendance up 20% since 2009 and hot dog and beer prices about 10% since then, but the concession workers' union has been unable to negotiate a wage increase out of the concessionaire, Centerplate. Wages have apparently been flat for the last four years, and they're seeking better healthcare too. The union, Local 2, staged a similar one-day strike at a day game on May 25 to no avail.

Update: Centerplate has reached out to note that the "strikers" were, in fact, hired protesters from Local 2, and their employees did not strike.

· Concession Workers Protest At AT&T Tonight; Bring Your Own Food, Fans [SFist]

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