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Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Beats Sightglass In Blind Test

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The Bold Italic just did a blind taste test of three of San Francisco's top artisanal roasters alongside three national grocery-store brands, and the results are?you guessed it?quite surprising! While Ritual does land in the number-one spot, second place goes to Dunkin' Donuts which beats out both Sightglass and Four Barrel according to the six-judge panel. Starbucks, meanwhile, comes in last, behind Folgers. The coffee cognoscenti will, we're sure, tell you take this with a grain of salt—especially given the fact that no Washed Out-loving baristas or professional coffee critics participated in this?but nevertheless it makes us chuckle that when tasting Dunkin's blend, one taster goes, "Sightglass?" [Bold Italic]