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Craftsman and Wolves Tests Out Cupcakes Thursday

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Changes are underway at Craftsman and Wolves this week. The contemporary patisserie, known for the Rebel Within among other idiosyncratic treats, is testing out some new menu items tomorrow, June 20: cupcakes. As the patisserie celebrates its first anniversary, chef William Werner says there has been a strong demand for the things, so he's giving it a go. "We've been listening to the guests and just trying to figure things out... we're going to make some transitions and adjust the concept a little bit," says Werner. Expect flavors like "Carrots and Wolves" (a cocoa carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese and a carrot macaron), and "the Hasselhoff" (a soft caramel cake with milk chocolate ganache and toasted coconut). Werner also shares with us a possible re-design of their logo. (Wink wink?)

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Craftsman & Wolves

746 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA