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Small Foods to Become Grocery Tenant in Twitter Building

Small Foods, the little shop on South Park with grab-and-go meals that opened last summer, is expanding in a huge way with a 22,000-square-foot market in the Market Square complex, otherwise known as the Twitter Building. As the Business Times reports, Mayor Ed Lee is expected to make an announcement about the deal today, and it will be the first grocery store of its kind to arrive in the Mid-Market area, with Harvest Market being the only nearby equivalent at 8th and Howard.

It's being described as "a cross between a locally owned Whole Foods and a smaller version of the Ferry Building marketplace," which suggests that some other vendors may be in the mix. But architects Bruce Slesinger and Tom Collom of BAT, who opened Small Foods in 2012 in the space downstairs from their offices, sound like they're the driving force behind the project. The new market joins the upcoming brasserie spinoff of AQ, Bon Marché, in the building, which is also home to Yammer and One King's Lane.

Update: It will, apparently, be called The Market, and is due in Fall 2014. [Inside Scoop]
[Photo: Troy Holden]

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Small Foods

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