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The San Jose Heatmap: Where To Eat NOW

The Table, San Jose. [Photo: Facebook]

As part of the brand-new Eater App (have you downloaded it yet?), we're pleased to introduce Eater's first ever Heatmap of San Jose, which contains nine newish restaurants that have been garnering serious buzz. (All of these have been open for a year or less.) This time around, Eater has consulted with food writer and San Jose local Jeffrey Cianci on his picks for the hottest his city has to offer right now.

So what's hot in San Jose? New American (The Table, Cafe Stritch), Hawaiian (Grub Shack), and Greek (Nemea Greek Taverna), but perhaps the hottest thing right now is the bar scene. Head to Original Gravity Public House for craft beer and sausages, 55 South to get your cocktail fix, Driggsy's to watch the game, and Vyne Bistro for wine and cheese. Below, the Eater Heatmap to San Jose.

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