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Oakland's SCOTUS Restaurant; Healthy East Bay Delivery

Italian Colors, shut down by SCOTUS. [Photo: Kathie Berg]

OAKLAND—Amidst the big decision handed down today and the really big one coming tomorrow, you might have missed that the Supreme Court handed down a judgment against Italian Colors, an Oakland restaurant that sued American Express over what they believed to be unjust fees. The EBX has more on the case. [EBX]

BERKELEY/EMERYVILLEA new East Bay service called SpoonRocket will deliver a healthy gourmet dinner from chef David Cramer to your door in ten minutes or less, for only $6. Pretty impressive. [EBX]

BERKELEY—As if that wasn't enough, the duo behind said SpoonRocket also have a new comic-book-themed wing shop, Legion of Superwings, that opened this week. [Berkeleyside]

EMBARCADEROSF Mag got a look inside the forthcoming America's Cup Sports Bar, which is both gigantic (room for 500!) and sales-y (Puma and Louis Vuitton shops!) [SF Mag]

Italian Colors

2220 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611