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Long Now Kickstarting For a Bar/Tea Salon

Rendering of the proposed salon. [Photo: Because We Can]

If all goes according to plan, a rather unusual bar and coffeehouse will be headed to Fort Mason later this year. The Long Now Salon is a new project from the folks behind the Long Now Foundation, who've had an office and gallery space at Fort Mason for many years. The foundation is intended to help people think more critically about humanity's long-term future through the building of a clock (currently underway in Texas) and library/archive that will last for the next 10,000 years. Now, they're hoping to add a cafe component to the project, with artisan tea and coffee during the day (to complement lectures and other events) and cocktails in the evening. The foundation's office is already closed and construction is underway; they're turning to crowdfunding for a final push.

They've already selected some cool partners for the effort, including St. George Spirits in Alameda, which has produced special Long Now gin and whiskey using juniper berries from the foundation's property on Mount Washington in eastern Nevada. On the tea side, Samovar Tea Lounge is offering a rare pu-erh tea that improves with age.

The salon is aiming to have crowdfunding contributors become "bottle members" in the Japanese style, purchasing their own bottle of whiskey or gin and/or vessel of tea that will be specifically stored for them at the bar when they visit (the former will actually be mounted into the ceiling in an installation, as shown in the photo above). Getting your own piece of this bar isn't cheap, though: a whiskey/gin bottle or a tea canister runs $1,500, and for $25,000, they'll put your whiskey bottle on a special shelf and refill it annually for 15 years. Those with fewer means can buy a $100 coin good for any drink on the menu when the salon opens, including special spirits and teas not available to the general public. They're currently at $184K of their $495K goal; go here to donate and learn more.

· The Long Now Salon [Long Now Foundation]

Long Now Salon

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, CA 94123