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Play Restaurant Bingo to Support 18 Reasons

The bingo card. [Photo: Taps For Life]

It's been a busy few months at 18 Reasons, the Mission-based food nonprofit: the organization recently announced a merger with Three Squares, which educates underprivileged families on the importance of healthy eating through cooking and gardening classes, many of which are taught by members of the community. Thanks to the merger, its reach has extended to the entire Bay Area, and in partnership with Taps For Life, they're doing a special fundraising drive that allows potential members to bypass the $50 fee for joining by eating at five local restaurants in a game of foodie bingo.

The process is simple: purchase a bingo card for $25, collect receipts from five adjoining restaurants on the card, and you'll receive an 18 Reasons membership. The membership itself has some cool fringe benefits, too: a free scoop at Bi-Rite Creamery, $5 gift cards to Bi-Rite Market and Tartine Bakery, $5 off a pizza at Pizzeria Delfina, and 10% off any purchase at Omnivore Books. The lineup of restaurants is no slouch, either: you could get bingo with a combo of 1601 Bar & Kitchen, Bar Agricole, Maven, Blue Plate, and Le Pt'it Laurent, or Fig & Thistle, Caskhouse, Beast and the Hare, Wine Kitchen, and Jones. Outerlands, Bar Tartine, The Monk's Kettle, The Abbot's Cellar, and Coco500 are also on there. Go here to sign up for a card.

· 18 Reasons Bingo [Taps For Life]

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