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And Now, A Phone Call with Shanghai Dumpling King

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Shanghai Dumpling King: Hello, Dumpling King.
Eater SF: Hi! I'm a reporter. We heard you guys have reopened after your renovation.
SDK: Yes, we are open.
ESF: What did you change while you were closed?
SDK: We were closed for two months.
ESF: Yes, but what did you change?
SDK: Nothing.
ESF: But you were closed for renovations, yes?
SDK: Yes.
ESF: So you had to change something.
SDK: No. Nothing.
ESF: You didn't change anything?
SDK: No. Nothing. Goodbye. [Hangs up.]

· Shanghai Dumpling King Closes For Renovations [~ ESF ~]

Shanghai Dumpling King

3319 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA