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David Kinch on Server Pay; SF's Tiniest Bar

David Kinch. [Photo: Popsugar]

LOS GATOS—The Price Hike's Ryan Sutton did a thoughtful two-part interview with David Kinch of Manresa, who discussed why he thinks America's system for paying servers needs to change: "I think a service charge should be built into a restaurant...Clients want a so-called power over their servers. 'You better give me good service, or I'm going to tip you 10%.' The implication, the implied veiled threat that is part of the contract between client and front of house staff." [The Price Hike]

COW HOLLOW—Thrillist's national site did a roundup of the smallest bars in the country, and we've got one of them: the tiny Black Horse London Deli just off Van Ness, which seats eight and stores its beer in an ice-filled bathtub behind the bar. It makes Big look, well, big. [Thrillist]

SAN FRANCISCO—Famed food writer John T. Edge is in town and tweeting about his dining experiences; so far, he and his son have loved har gow at House of Dim Sum, Craftsman & Wolves' Rebel Within, butter beans at Nopalito ("I licked the cazuela clean"), and most of all, dinner at State Bird Provisions ("Nice when resto lives up to hype...Burrata bread, fried quail, muscovado peanut milk, all damn fine"). [@johntedge]

HAYES VALLEY—In solidarity with Turkish protesters fighting to save Gezi Park in Istanbul, the Occupy movement broke into the Hayes Valley Farm yesterday and declared it a common space that they're renaming Gezi Gardens. As of two hours ago, they're still there, according to Twitter. [Hayeswire]


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