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Blue Barn Polk Update; All You Knead Shutter

LOWER POLK—Several readers have written in asking about the delay for Blue Barn's third location on Polk, which was supposed to open in the spring. Owner Nate Valentine explains: "We want to make sure we are strong and in a good place at Padrecito and make sure our team is ready at Polk. We will open in August." [EaterWire]

HAIGHT-ASHBURY—It looks like All You Knead in the Upper Haight is a shutter; it's a graffiti magnet and has a notice out front saying the water will be shut off. [Uppercasing]

THE MISSIONSan Jalisco has long had a giant pair of red panties hanging in the women's bathroom. Someone's stolen them, and they want them back. [Uptown Almanac]

MARINHeartwarmer of the day: Giants ace Matt Cain poses as a Patxi's pizza deliveryman for charity, surprises adorable kids. [Inside Scoop]

Blue Barn Gourmet

2237 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 655-9438 Visit Website

Blue Barn

2237 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA