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Weekend Protesters Vandalize Oakland Restaurants

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[Photo: allaboutgeorge/Twitter]

Protesters incensed by George Zimmerman's acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin took out their frustrations on Saturday night by slashing tires, starting fires, and smashing the windows of several Oakland businesses, including those of Bar Dogwood and Flora.

As Inside Scoop reports, about 50 people at Bar Dogwood were showered with shards of broken glass when masked protesters shattered the restaurant's three large windows. Dogwood chef-owner Alexeis Filipello estimates the cost of the damage at upwards of $8,000.

Dogwood called out the perpetrators on its Facebook page, where they posted that "Oakland really sucks sometimes but it's the city I love and wouldn't change its heart, maybe just some of its spectators that like to cause mischief." Dogwood is expected to reopen for dinner service today.

Protestors also smashed windows at Flora, although the restaurant was open Sunday morning and declared that "Broken windows will not stop brunch!"

Update, 12:40 pm: A poster reading "I am Trayvon Martin and my life matters" now adorns Dogwood's remaining undamaged window.

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