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Dogpatch Saloon, A Revamped Classic

Dogpatch Saloon
2496 3rd St.
Status: Opening today at 5 p.m.

The Dogpatch Saloon has been around for a century, which tends to cause a little wear and tear. So it's not surprising that the neighborhood hub recently underwent a five-month, floor-to-ceiling remodel. Tonight marks the debut of the spot's new look, and with the exception of the actual bar and the iconic stained-glass window over the entrance, everything has gotten the makeover treatment, from new tile flooring to expanded windows, new bathrooms, and of course, updated drinks.

The new cocktail menu features 12 options designed to offer something for everyone, from the easygoing Blackheart (Anchor Porter, Buffalo Trace bourbon, fresh strawberry, maple syrup) to the more inventive Headphones in Beirut (CapRock gin, kalamata-infused Amaro Montenegro, lime juice and a pinch of toasted fennel pollen). Cocktails range from $8-$10, and there are 10 beers on tap, from Old Speckled Hen to Uinta Hoodoo Kolsch to local brews like Speakeasy Double Daddy.

"We wanted to pay tribute to the neighborhood's industrial roots," said Marc Goldfine, who, along with the rest of the guys behind 83 Proof, took over the bar last year. They've gathered salvaged items from the area to spruce up the space, like an old Muni track manufactured by Bethlehem Steel in 1973, which they've put to use as a bar rail. A gas fireplace has been installed in the back for chilly nights, and the stage area is being revived for what Goldfine hopes will be live music.

Although they're still putting all the pieces into place, the Dogpatch Saloon officially opens tonight, and their plan is to get going at 2 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends, staying open straight through to last call at 2 a.m.

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Dogpatch Saloon

2496 3rd St., San Francisco, CA