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Off the Grid Gets SFO Location, iPhone App

The Off the Grid truck, soon to come to SFO.
The Off the Grid truck, soon to come to SFO.
Photo: Facebook

Off the Grid, the 800-pound food-truck gathering gorilla that holds events everywhere from the Presidio to Emeryville, is now staking out new territory for food-truck-kind with an outpost at SFO. Each Thursday afternoon from 11 am-2 pm (beginning this Thursday), two rotating trucks will park near the old Starbucks location at the Terminal 1 departures area. Boardwalk Eats and Curry Up Now will lead this week's charge, and next week, Kung Fu Tacos and Senor Sisig will take a turn. As Inside Scoop reports, the plan is intended to serve the more than 30,000 workers at SFO, giving them some new culinary options. Airport police, who selected the location, will monitor the trucks to ensure continued safety.

With Off the Grid sprouting so many tentacles across the Bay Area, food-truck fans may be understandably flummoxed by when and where they can find its gatherings, and which trucks will be there. So, in classic San Francisco style, there's now an app for that. The Off the Grid app lists information on ATMs, parking, bathrooms, and other essentials at each market; offers summaries and sample menus for all of the group's truck partners; sends special announcements about new markets, vendors, and inclement-weather changes; and generally does everything except the eating on your behalf. Unless you use Android, that is.

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